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Meet Katja

It all started in my moms kitchen. Always baking Sunday desserts and experimenting with new flavors and ideas my mom and dad always had to try. ​

Never really thought about seeing a cake as a piece of Art, until I saw a Tv show called Halloween Cake Wars, Sweet Genius, Cake Boss and after that so much more.  That's when I knew what I really wanted to do. ​
Wedding image (2).jpeg
After graduating in Europe as a Graphic Designer I wanted to explore the world for a while. The journey brought me to the United States where I met my husband and we started a family.

The dream about creating Cake Art never went away. So, even though I had no experience in running a business, after a few years learning from books and online courses of  Cake Artistry, I started to build my small business. 
I am very excited to create an unforgettable cake for your wedding, birthday, or other big celebration, decorated with sugar flowers, piping, or whatever other beautiful decorations you choose.
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